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Office Hours 9am - 4pm Mon - Fri


Woven youth is our high school-aged Youth Community with young people from both Hamilton Central Baptist and Te Whānau Pūtahi.

Woven Youth is all about relationships and weaving young people into both our youth and church communities, (Hamilton Central Baptist and Te Whānau Pūtahi).
Whether you are looking for God or some new friends you will find a safe space to do both at Woven Youth.
We meet weekly on Friday nights, at church down in the Youth Loft (Entrance 3) 6.30-9pm with our nights consisting of, food, fun, fellowship and a focus on God.
In addition to our weekly Friday nights we have a few social events each term. If you interested to know more about us and how to get involved, contact our youth pastor Sarah Barnett or check us out on:
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