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Christ at work in real people

Gayle and Athol’s Story

Gayle and Athol Davies learned an invaluable lesson in trusting God on December 14, 2016, during the hijacking of their family in South Africa. Being bundled in the boot of their car was just the beginning to their ordeal. God really is with us in the hardest of times, and as Gayle and Athol look back into their painful past we catch a glimpse of just how close He really is.

Colleen’s Story

God is great and Colleen Burt knows this well being one of the longest living members of Hamilton Central Baptist Church.

Joy Ministries

Everyone is welcome at Joy Ministries – people with intellectual disabilities, their family, friends and support people.
Services are generally held on a monthly basis (third Saturday of the month, starting at 1:30pm) and usually involve a time of prayer, singing and Bible Study, an activity designed to further develop an understanding of the Bible message, followed by friendly catch-ups and afternoon tea.

Andrew’s Story

After years of being shuffled from place to place Andrew finds a place he can call home.