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Service Times

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“…to prepare God’s people for works of service so that the body of Christ maybe built up”

 -Ephesians 4:12

Service Times

Not just on Sundays

At Hamilton Central Baptist you’re welcome to join us even outside of Sunday. Celebrate, mourn, give thanks, ask questions, or pray. Come as you are.




We have two locations in Hamilton New Zealand

As you would imagine, our church offers a range of targeted ministries to different groups of people. These ministries arise, and conclude, over time according to how the Lord prompts and equips his people to run them. New ideas for ministry initiatives are always welcome and can come from people brand new to our church, as much as from those who have been with us for years. Some will last for a long time, possibly even for generations, but our assumption is that everything we do has a life-cycle, and when a target ministry initiative is no longer able to be staffed or resourced our default assumption is to let it conclude. We celebrate what the Lord gives birth to, but we don’t try and keep going those things that he has finished with. Often times it is in allowing things to die that creative, new ideas are born.

Here is a sample of target ministries currently happening in the life of our church. For further information click on the name of the activity listed below, or contact the Church Office for names and contact details of those who can tell you more (P: 07-838 0375, Ext 200; E:


Events for women, celebrating life and having fun. Excellent opportunities to bring a friend.

Engage Every Man

Men’s breakfasts and practical projects especially for blokes.

Joy Ministries

Ministry to individuals (and their families) with an intellectual disability; offering opportunity to come together to worship and learn about God..

Upright and Active

A weekly exercise and mobility programme especially for the elderly.


A weekly prayer ministry for those who love to pray, listening to the Lord for direction and praying as He directs.

Music Ministry

Teams who support our Sunday services in worship – always looking for new musicians and singers to join them.

Young In Heart

Monthly events for seniors – including day trips and guest presentations.

Seniors Meals

Weekly meals for seniors – especially those associated with “Shiloh” – the church’s elderly housing ministry.

Baptist Missionary Fellowship (BMF)

Baptist Missionary Fellowship – a prayer and practical support ministry toward those who serve with the NZ Baptist Missionary Society (Tranzsend).

. . . and much more, including your ideas and new initiatives!