Brian and Liz joined the HCBC team in April 2014, returning to NZ after six years ministry in Australia and the USA. They have been in continuous ministry since 1979, including roles as a youth pastor, regional youth director, missionary service in Bangladesh and Senior Pastor of four multiple staff churches.

From 2001 to 2006 Brian served as the National Leader (CEO) of the Baptist Union of New Zealand, and from 2008 to 2011 as the National Director of the Baptist Union of Australia.
Brian is a graduate of the NZ Baptist Theological College and Bethel University, MN, U.S.A. from which he holds a Doctor of Ministry degree.

Brian’s dominant spiritual gifts are in leadership and teaching. Over the years he has traveled extensively training church leaders and consulting on mission, church health and growth, and has been a frequent speaker at church leadership conferences in a number of parts of the world. At heart, he and Liz are local church people. They believe in what the local church can be as a redemptive community of faith, and in helping shape God’s people into a dynamic missional force for the kingdom of God.

Brian enjoys good coffee, walking, playing golf (badly) and watching a diverse range of sports. Brian and Liz have three adult children and seven grandchildren.

John joined the staff at HCBC in October 2016 as Associate Pastor with responsibility for pastoral care, small group ministry, evangelism and community ministries. John is a long term member of the church who has served as an elder and as the chair of the Te Whānau Pūtahi Trust.
John comes from an education background where he was a secondary teacher then university lecturer and education researcher, publishing in the fields of technology education, curriculum and pedagogy development and sustainability education. He is currently undertaking studies in theology to add to a life’s experience of Christian ministry, including international student ministry and being the chair of the Hamilton Combined Christian Foodbank Trust.
John is a people person with well-developed governance and leadership skills.
John is married to Verity and together they have four adult children. John enjoys; gardening, reading, singing with the Hamilton Community Gospel Choir, and spending time in the outdoors boating and getting ‘off grid’ motor homing.

Judy Roberts Worship Director

Judy joined the staff at HCBC in June 2018 as Worship Director with the responsibility of overseeing our church’s music ministry. Judy has been involved in our music team since 2017 when she joined our church after emigrating from South Africa. Prior to coming to New Zealand Judy was actively involved in her church’s music and women’s ministries for eighteen years. She is passionate about people, ministry and music.

Judy was trained as a senior primary school teacher and also has experience in teaching music. She played three instruments at school and currently plays piano/keyboard and sings.
Judy is married to Bryndan who tutors at Wintec and they have one daughter, Kelly. Judy enjoys having coffee with friends, reading, decorating, crafts and floral design.

Olivia Hitchcock Children and Families Pastor

Olivia and Gareth joined the HCBC team in 2016 as the Children and Families Pastor. She did her Bachelor of Applied Theology at Carey Baptist College. On graduation Olivia received a call to be Youth and Children Pastor in a West Auckland Church, where she served for five and half years.

More recently Olivia has been working for Corrections, being a part of a team focusing on the rehabilitation of prisoners and working with volunteers. During this time Gareth and Olivia married and had a daughter, Briella. Together they have served as volunteers in their home church, in a variety of roles.

Olivia is passionate about seeing children develop a faith of their own and having a real connection to their church. She is looking forward to working with parents like herself and assisting them to raise our children in the faith

Olivia enjoys a good long black, playing with her daughter, spending time with her family, supporting Freeset and quilting. Gareth is a trained Primary School Teacher.

Sarah joined the HCBC team in 2018 to lead the youth ministry.  Sarah was trained as an early childhood teacher, teaching at the Te Whānau Pūtahi early childhood centre for the previous seven years before being called to take the plunge into full time youth ministry. Sarah has been involved with the church since she could crawl – both at HCBC and Te Whānau Pūtahi. She has been part of the youth ministry for the past ten years, transitioning from a youth member onto volunteering as a leader over the past few years. Sarah has a deep passion to see young people grow in their faith through discipleship and community. She is keen to do further study to equip her with more tools to engage with the youth both within the church and the community. In her spare time Sarah enjoys crafts, music and is an avid kmart enthusiast.

Nathan and Catherine joined the HCBC team in 2010 leading our youth ministry. Following a number of years as a furniture maker Nathan received a call to put down his trade tools to study at Carey Baptist College.

HCBC first called Nathan to lead the youth ministry as an intern while he completed his Bachelor of Applied Theology degree at Carey. In September 2010, Nathan was commissioned as Youth Pastor.

Prior to his academic study, Nathan also spent four years as part of a youth leadership team in Tauranga which gave him an excellent ministry foundation, and forming the basic principles of servant leadership and building small groups through authentic relationships.

In more recent years Nathan’s work with the youth has lead to developing a media arts presence within HCBC to encourage young people with creative and artistic gifting. Nathan believes that worship is not only for those who can sing or play an instrument but for anyone who wishes to use their gifts to bring glory to God and so he spends much of his time creating digital content for Central Baptists social media platforms using static images, 3D animation and film. He is always on the hunt for stories where God is healing or bringing hope to share these stories with those who may be encouraged by them.

Nathan is married to Catherine, a trained school teacher, also with theological training. They have four children, Joshua, Laura, Kate and Harvey.

Stewart is the pastor who looks after Upstairs Church at HCBC. He has a vision for those who are marginalized and those who feel unable to attend a mainstream service.
He comes from a back ground in social work and counseling and believes that all are children of God and all are worth saving.
He brings to the role a keen sense of humor and a willingness to listen.
He also does some counseling in the church and is active in the men’s ministry too.
Stewart lives on the edge of Hamilton with his wife, some dogs and a cat, chickens and ducks and a bunch of sheep to round out the mix.
He is an avid fisherman and occasionally scares himself on a mountain bike.

Shane Vink Te Whānau Pūtahi Mission Leader

Shane joined the HCBC team in 2015, as the Mission Leader of Te Whānau Pūtahi a mission outreach connected with HCBC and serving the communities of Fairfield and Enderley.

Shane is married to Rachel and currently they have no children. Shane and Rachel have been involved in TWP since its inception.

For the last ten years Shane has led the Waikato branch of OAC (Outreach and Church Ministries). Shane has a passion to reach out to the community’s of Fairfield and Hamilton and is committed to youth and children’s ministry. Shane and Rachel believe that God is doing a great work amongst Maori in Fairfield and around Aotearoa.

Liz Winslade HIPPY Hamilton Coordinator


Liz Winslade was appointed as the HIPPY Hamilton Coordinator in January 2015, after working as an early childhood educator for more than 35 years. She has held various teaching positions, including Head Teacher of two early childhood education centres.

Hamilton Central Baptist Church is the first provider in Hamilton for HIPPY, an international programme preparing pre-school children for school through resourcing parents to interact with their children’s process of learning. HIPPY is a two-year home-based parenting and early childhood enrichment programme that builds the confidence and skills of parents to create a positive learning environment.

Liz is married Brian Winslade (HCBC’s Senior Pastor). They have lived in four countries throughout their married life, including a stint as missionaries in Bangladesh. Liz enjoys good coffee, reading, social media and catching up with friends. Liz and Brian have three adult children and seven grandchildren.

Glenda Caradus CAP Debt Centre Manager (Christians Against Poverty)


Glenda has attended HCBC since 2003 and joined the Christians Against Poverty Debt Centre team as a debt coach in 2014 becoming the Debt Centre Manager in September 2015. The CAP Debt centre helps people struggling with unmanageable debt.

Glenda has a career background in teaching (secondary and early childhood) and currently has a national role in adult education with NZ Playcentre. Glenda was the leader of the intermediate age ministry for 10 years and has been on several short term mission trips.

Glenda is married to John and they have three adult children and a growing number of grandchildren.

Glenda enjoys the great outdoors, gardening and seeing others empowered to fulfil their potential.

Gayle Davies Office Administrator