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We love the Alpha Course!

Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that allow people to freely explore the basics of the Christian Faith.

  • No pressure!
  • No follow up!
  • No charge!

On the Alpha course, guests are invited to freely explore the Christian faith in a relaxed setting over seven weekly sessions with a weekend away.

Each week we enjoy a free meal and a talk on subjects as diverse as “Who is Jesus?”, “How Can I Have Faith?” and “How Can I Make the Most of the Rest of My Life?” After the talk, we break into small groups to discuss the content of the talk and share our opinions.

The course is low-key, friendly and fun – and is supported by all major denominations of the Christian church.

Alpha is growing as a worldwide phenomenon – run in 169 countries and attended by over 22.5 million people.

No question is out of bounds, and participants are free to say as much or as little as they wish as they make up their own minds about the teachings of Jesus.

Course topics include:

  • Who is Jesus?
  • Why did Jesus die?
  • How can we have faith?
  • Why and how do I pray?
  • Why and how should I read the Bible?
  • Who is the Holy Spirit & What does He do?
  • How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit?
  • How does God guide me to make the most of my life?
  • Why and how should we tell others?
  • What about evil and does God heal today?
  • What about the church & telling others

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