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Our Sunday Services

What to expect

Our weekly worship gatherings are intentionally different in style and ethos. We describe our church as “multiple-congregational” and “multiple-campus.” In other words, we gather at differing times and in different locations, but one church community. We recognise that one-size doesn’t fit all, or to use a retail analogy, we have multiple shop-front windows. Think of a large shopping mall, where there are large stores and small boutique stores operating alongside each other and catering for different niche markets. Feel free to check out what we have on offer, as you may have the contribution we are currently missing!

Sunday Mornings Traditional Service

Sunday Mornings Traditional Service

Our Daybreak service is the first of our two morning services at the Hamilton Central campus 33 Charlemont street, Whitiora. We meet at 9am  in the Totara Lounge, and over Christmas/January we have a single combined service in the main Auditorium at 9:30am.

Sunday Mornings Contemporary Service

Sunday Mornings Contemporary Service

Our Contemporary service is the second of our two morning services at the Hamilton Central campus, 33 Charlemont street, Whitiora. We meet at 10:30am in the main Auditorium. A children’s programme runs during the 10:30am service.

Over Christmas/January we have a single combined service in the main Auditorium at 9:30am.

Sunday Mornings Te Whānau Pūtahi

Sunday Mornings Te Whānau Pūtahi

At our Te Whānau Pūtahi Campus (37 Oxford street, Fairfield) we meet at 11:00am with morning tea from 10:30am.

Sunday Evenings

Sunday Evenings

A relaxed gathering in our HCBC Cafe – 7:00pm. We call it Top Shelf – a little less music and a whole lot more interaction and dialogue – includes submitting anonymous questions during the talk and Q & A.

Wednesday Evening

Wednesday Evening

A smaller gathering, but highly significant, called Upstairs Church meets at 6:30pm in the Totara Lounge for those 18 and over.

Our weekly services are a mixture of music, prayers, thought provoking teaching, and a community of people that welcome you with a smile. 

Visiting a church for the first time can be intimidating so here’s a few pointers on what to expect:


Our reason for being


Why we do what we do


Ministries and Programmes

As a local church, we do most things typical of churches. There’s a lot more to who we are than those we call “core ministries” and ministries and initiatives rise and flourish according to available people, along with their passions and sense of God’s call. The following are what we will probably always do and represent the “core” of our enterprise:


Brian Krum

Senior Pastor

John Lockley

Executive Pastor

Olivia Hitchcock

Children, Family, & Community Pastor

Cecelia Lockley

Worship Co-Director

Bayley Milne

Worship Co-Director

Stewart Best

Upstairs Church Pastor

Liz Winslade

HIPPY Hamilton Coordinator

Glenda Caradus

CAP Debt Centre Manager (Christians Against Poverty)

Shane Vink

Te Whānau Pūtahi Mission Leader

Church Reception

Office Administrator

Eldership Team

Stephen Barnett, Rob Bell, Anney Collin, Jan Kane, Brian Krum


As a Baptist church we are governed by what is known affectionately (. . . and sometimes otherwise!) as “congregational government.”  In short, this means that the ultimate human authority for our church is the congregation of members who meet to collectively discern the mind of Christ. As distinct from other forms of church polity, our church is not subject to the direction of bishops or dioceses or a wider presbytery, or even the direction of a national headquarters.



We are committed to serving our community in the name of Christ and expressing the practical “hands and feet” of Jesus to the people we live amongst. Ministries and services to our community arise and flourish according to the availability and passion of people within our church who sense God’s call to a specific action. We’re always looking for new ideas and ways to serve our community. Contact the church office for further details on how you can become involved  (E:; Ph: 07 838 0375, Ext 200). Some of the current community ministries are:

Te Whānau Pūtahi

Commencing in the mid 1990’s, Te Whānau Pūtahi (The Family Centre) is a dynamic ministry outreach from HCBC, with a focus on bringing the good news of God’s kingdom amongst the communities of Fairfield and Enderley. It is like a combination of a Christian community development centre, a community “marae” and church fellowship – all rolled into one.  Te Whānau Pūtahi services include an Early Childhood Education Centre, food parcels through the Combined Christian Foodbank Trust, aid with food insecurity including a weekly ‘Kai Time’ community meal, financial mentoring, family support and advocacy, drop-in centre, pastoral care, subsidised summer family camp, affordable table, chairs & trailer hire services, community events and also Sunday worship gatherings.


Shiloh – Flats for the Elderly

Since the early 1980’s HCBC has had a commitment to providing low cost housing for the elderly. Thirty-two units are located adjacent, and over the road, from the church campus and managed by a committee from the church. Residents live independently and enjoy a sense of safe community under the pastoral care of the church.

shiloh logo

Christians Against Poverty (CAP)

HCBC became a CAP Debt Centre in 2013 offering structured support for people caught in the grip of financial debt. Our debt coaches and assigned “befrienders” help clients manage their resources according to strict and personalised budgets, negotiate with creditors and development of workable plans to regaining financial freedom. CAP is part of an international movement.

For more information or to see how you can join this ministry contact Glenda Caradus, HCBC’s Debt Centre Manager (P: 07-838 0375 ext 210 /0223184540.  

Struggling with debt? Make an appointment to see the CAP Debt Centre team.

CAP Logo


Home Interaction Programme for Parents and Youngsters

In 2015, HCBC became the first providers in Hamilton for HIPPY, an international programme preparing pre-school children for school through resourcing parents to interact with their children’s process of learning. HIPPY is a two-year home-based parenting and early childhood enrichment programme that builds the confidence and skills of parents to create a positive learning environment. HIPPY is specifically designed for parents who may not feel comfortable in their abilities to teach their children. Parents and children work together for fifteen minutes a day with storybooks, puzzles, and learning games that help children to become successful learners. HIPPY parents are trained, resourced and invited into community with peers – meeting regularly for encouragement and gaining a range of life skills. For more details contact HIPPY Coordinator Liz Winslade Ph: 07 838 0375, Ext 201.

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Food Bank

Hamilton Combined Christian Foodbank

Along with a large number of churches in Hamilton, we have a relationship with and support the Hamilton Combined Christian Foodbank. This service provides food for people in financial need who, regardless of their ethnicity, religious belief, gender or relational status, are referred by the participating churches and social service agencies. Members of our church donate food (a box in the foyer each week) and also facilitate access for those in special need. For more information please contact them directly on: 07-856 2521.

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